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About us

Greater Life Church is a multi-denominational, modern, love-and-life-filled Christian Church serving people in Chertsey, Staines, and Surrey as well as the A316 corridor through Sunbury, Twickenham, Richmond, and beyond. 
We believe that the greatest commandment is to love God with everything in us and straight after that, to love people and ourselves. 

Over the years we've discovered a few things: 

  • People have enough problems without coming to Church and getting more.

  • God is good - He loves and believes in people.

  • God is real and has real solutions for real lives.

  • People need a place to belong where they are valued, inspired, well-taught and loved.


If you're looking for the perfect church, you won't find it here! 
However, you'll find authentic people, heartfelt worship, dynamic Biblical teaching, and a place of laughter and great hope. 

During the service, your children and youth will be well looked after at GREATER LIFE KIDS. 

Greater Life is in a positive relationship with various churches and church groups in the UK and abroad. We have partnered with ACTS CHURCHES NZ & UK (led by Bruce and Helen Monk), WAVE CHURCH in Virginia Beach US (led by Steve and Sharon Kelly), BETHEL CHURCH in Redding, California (led by Bill and Beni Johnson) and EASTGATE CHURCH in Gravesend (led by Pete and Kim Carter). We are also part of Churches Together in Staines.

You may well have thought… Church has no relevance for me. 
At Greater Life Church we do know how that feels, but we believe it can and should be the most relevant and meaningful place on earth. We warmly invite you to come and see how Church can look in 21st century Britain.

our pastors:
IMG_4802 Daily Inspiration-1.jpg
Image 28-03-2020 at 12.55.jpeg
Owen and Chrissie.jpeg
Paul van Essen

Senior Minister

Carrie van Essen

Associate Pastor

Owen Aghedo
Lucille photo.jpeg
Maysel on stairscrop.jpg
Lucille Payet
Maysel Awere
Naledi Knight
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