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  • Contact Carrie on 07884 111969 for the Zoom link. ALL WELCOME!!!


It's true we are a little different.
We believe Church ought to be the most positive and enjoyable experience of a person's week.
People - no matter what they struggle with or have been through, no matter how lost or how found, are the apple of God's eye. They are more precious than any other thing on Earth - and the proof of this is in the very gospel that we declare.
In this hour we see a great need for churches that honour God and His Word and that honour people as well, and we have given ourselves to be one of them.
We've exchanged boredom and irrelevance in the House of God for hope, love and positive life!
In addition we see our nation entering into days of Heaven on Earth, where God's people will rise to achieve truly great things in this life. We'd love for you to come and see what that can look like.
You'll be warmly welcomed.

Pastors Paul & Carrie van Essen

Service Times

Sundays at 10:30am
Check out Greater Life Church Staines on YouTube to join us online.
For more information about joining us online call Carrie on 07884 111 969
Wendover Road
Methodist Church

28 Wendover Road
TW18 3DE

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Contact Us

01932 423 973 or 07884 111 969

07879 969 495

Email: ยป

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